Buy to Let Conveyancing

Liddy’s have a specialist conveyancing team who works under the guidance of Mohammed Khalil, a conveyancing solicitor with over 15 years’ experience. Since qualifying in 2003 he has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of home purchases, sales and re-mortgages.

One area he also specialises in is buy-to-let conveyancing. Buying a home or property with the intent of renting it out is a very different process to buying a property to live in yourself. Even the mortgages used are different and adhere to a different set of rules.

You also need to consider the end use of the house, for example if the house will be a HMO then a different set of rules apply to managing the property. We can also advise you on your responsibilities when the tenants are in your property. For example, you must provide energy performance certificates and proof that their deposit is safe and protected.

Liddy’s are different than other solicitors for two main reasons; the personal service we deliver and the experience we bring with us. These two factors work together to provide a full, simple and easy conveyancing process.

Liddy’s offer a guaranteed fixed fee conveyancing service. At the outset of the process we will give you a calculated estimate of cost which we will not deviate from, except in very specific circumstances.

Liddy’s have offices in both Wakefield and Barnsley. If you want to know more about our services in buy-to-let conveyancing just call the Wakefield office on 01924 366 896, the Barnsley office on 01226 731 314 or contact us here.