Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitors

People remortgage for a number of reasons, though the most common is typically to get a better deal than the mortgage they currently have provides. Often if you are remortgaging the new lender can recommend a solicitor to handle the legal aspects of removing the original lenders interest from the property and adding the new one.

However, as they are recommended by the new lender they will typically have some kind of vested interest in the transaction. This is usually some form of kickback, which you, the client, will ultimately pay for. Worse, is that these recommended solicitors are not necessarily the best at what they do.

In most cases you are not obliged to use these recommended solicitors, and here at Liddy’s we always recommend that you at least shop around to see if there is another solicitor who suits you better. This could be that they are cheaper, more time efficient or simply provide a better service.

Liddy’s pride themselves on the personal service we provide. We get to know each of our clients on a personal level which ultimately enables us to provide a better service. The advice we give will always be in your best interests. Mohammed Khalil is a conveyancing solicitor with over 15 years’ experience. He heads up the conveyancing team at Liddy’s and has overseen thousands of re-mortgages and property sales in his time.  Not only can we process your remortgage application, but we can give you advice on conveyancing as a whole.

To find out more about the services we provide simply call the Wakefield office on 01924 366 896, the Barnsley office on 01226 731 314 or contact us here.