Freehold Property Conveyancing Solicitors

The conveyancing team at Liddy’s is led by Mohammed Khalil. A Solicitor who has specialised in conveyancing for 15 years. Working with him and his team will ensure that your conveyancing transaction will be quick, effortless and hassle free.

When you purchase a property freehold you purchase it, and the land it sits on, outright. It is your name that goes on the land registry. This is the most common form of property purchase in the UK, and is typically viewed as ‘the best’. This is because of the simplicity of it. When you purchase a property freehold you:

  • Won’t have to pay annual ground rent.
  • Don’t have a freeholder (technically a landlord) failing to maintain the property or land, or charging vast amounts to do so.
  • Have freedom to change the property and land as you see fit (in accordance with planning permission and building regulations).

Since we were founded Liddy’s have aided and processed the transactions of hundreds, if not thousands, of properties in England and Wales, both commercial and domestic. We offer a guaranteed fixed fee conveyancing service.

When you instruct Liddy’s property solicitors to handle your conveyancing we will give you an estimate of the costs, including Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry Fees and Search Fees. We will then adhere to these costs, so you do not have any unpleasant surprises during the course of the transaction.

To find out more about our services with Freehold properties just call the Wakefield office on 01924 366 896, the Barnsley office on 01226 731 314 or contact us here.